Megan Boren


There is something rooted in a right-brained individual that will not cease until the dream becomes reality. My ideal is to create an event that will make your dreams come true. This instinct has been a part of me as long as I can remember; in fact, I distinctly remember a Lamb Chops themed birthday party that I planned complete with a sunflower cake and matching dress. It's hard to separate the artist from the art, they say. My creative and artistic drives have always ruled over me, and now I get to use these gifts everyday. 

With a background in journalism, publishing, and event planning, I invite you to join our Edelweiss journey as we join together to create swoon-worthy moments for each individual. 


My heart swells with happiness when I get to be a part of a special moment that will become an everlasting memory. 

I wish I could take you back in time to my grandmother's garden where we gathered all varieties of beautiful flowers. Since we aren’t in the time traveling business, I decided to re-create those magical moments for you. With my Edelweiss loving friend and business partner, Kelly Michelle, we invite you to join the Edelweiss Design House journey with us.